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The fruity smoothness and elegant structure of J & B Rare are formed using the finest Speyside malt whiskies at the heart of the blend. To enhance J & B Rare’s smooth flavour, they take the selected malts from their casks, then “marry” them together in oak for a full year’s maturation. This unique process creates a whisky with a distinctive smoothness and elegant balance at the very heart of J & B Rare.

J & B is the No. 1 Scotch whisky in Europe and the No. 2 in the world with its delicate rounded and balanced flavour which produces a uniquely smooth, long lasting and satisfying taste.

J & B Rare is extremely popular in Spain where it is the No. 1 brand, sales in Spain reached over 3 million cases a year in 2002. J & B Rare has had some very famous admirers over the years, in the 1960s these included stars such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr who featured the brand not only in their shows but also “about town” in the evening.


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